Zines for powerful, intuitive Bay Area women and the people who live in awe of them.


Content Queen came to be because Molly and Jane wished there were a magazine composed of nothing but their favorite parts of their favorite magazines. And so in 2018 they created their first zine, the eponymous Content Queen, by appropriating such formats as Seventeen’s quizzes, Vice’s Dos & Don’ts, New York’s Approval Matrix, and JANE’s Blind Date as vehicles for satirizing Bay Area “girlboss” culture. From there, inspiration knew no bounds, as the two scribes spun off additional titles—most recently as of January 2024, The Secret Language of Birth Order and Employee Picks.

Content Queen’s zines are purposefully evocative of another time, transporting you into the worlds of a ’90s dELiA*S catalog, a late-1960s Whole Earth Catalog, or a lustful 2000s Cosmo. With every photocopy, CQ aims to honor the forever-special feeling of holding a print periodical in your hand, and pay tribute to those way-better halcyon days of print journalism.

Content Queen’s zines are proudly created in Figma and released in print only.


Molly Rosen Marriner

Molly is a reader, writer, and former Alameda County civil jury foreman. A UX writer at Figma by day, her design influences include PBS’s Wishbone, Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz, and the good city of Toronto. Her next project for Content Queen is an encyclopedia of “true” Y2K-era fashion culture. She’s also trudging along on a personal essay collection, which she slooooowly publishes in installments as zines. You knew her when!

Jane Justice Leibrock

A native of Austin, TX, Jane is an independent researcher who likes powerlifting and ethnographies. Past projects include a street fashion blog called May I Admire You and a comedy podcast about personal finance called Money Ha Ha. Her current project is a zine about the cult indie fashion label Built by Wendy.


Natalia is a Trader Joe’s-loving UX queen who excels at roller skating, Vespa riding, and product comparison research.  In addition to her unpaid duties at CQ, she chronicles NBA stars’ furry companions at @leaguepets. Spot her in Content Queen Issue 1, for which she endured a JANE Magazine-inspired “makeover-makeunder,” and on the cover of Content Queen Issue 4 (“The Intern Issue”).


Gratefully accepting our awards at the Content Queen Issue 4 release party, September 2021
“The Growie”

Given by the hyperlocal Bay Area female grower community to the journalist who has done the most work for cannabis production and normalization. Bestowed upon Molly Rosen Marriner in 2021 for Content Queen Issue 3’s “69 Cannabis Tips to Drive Him Wild in Bed.”

“The Showie”

Presented annually by Japantown’s Pearl Spa to the female content creator who’s achieved the most self-pleasure through the written word. Awarded to Jane Justice Leibrock in 2021 for Content Queen Issue 3’s “Uncanny Lockdown.”

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