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Stressful, Awkward, Envied

The subtitle says it all: ‘90s and ‘00s Brands From Those Who Wore the Clothes, Worked the Registers, and Modeled for the Catalogs.

A portable but content-dense collection of interviews and personal recollections about all types of mall stores and cataglogs—American Eagle, Hot Topic, and everything in between. For any Gen Zer that idealizes Y2K fashion, or the geriatric Millenial looking to reminisce. 

pages: 72
dimensions: 5.5” x 4”
published: April 2024

Contemporary NBA logos, ranked

A mini-zine by Molly and her father Michael (lending gravitas as a former sports journalist!) that separates NBA logos into four brackets—the best, mid-OK, mid-meh, and the worst.

Free with your purchase: If you purchase a copy of this zine, please write in your favorite sports logo! We’ll send you a sticker of that logo to go with your zine. Whichever logo sells out most quickly will be empirically declared “the best.”

pages: 8
dimensions: 6x5.5
published: April 2024

The Secret Language of Birth Order

Based on the acclaimed and sometimes-remembered book The Secret Language of Relationships, this bold and shockingly well-researched zine describes the most auspicious pairings between oldest, youngests, middles, and onlies. Complete with dating advice and celebrity pairings. The perfect gift.

Printed in three-color riso at Chute Studio in East Oakland.

pages: 8
dimensions: 7” x 8.25”
published: November 2023

Employee Picks: MOVIES

These zines are the “employee picks” section of a video store, in zine form. Four movie freaks—Jane and Molly, plus their parents, Eric and Phyllis—have picked out some choice (yet lesser-known) flicks for you to enjoy, based off their own individual tastes.

Bonus: Jane’s zine contains recommended treat and beverage pairings for each film, Molly’s includes recommended skincare product pairings, Phyllis’s includes American presidents that films remind her of, and Eric pairs each of his picks with an opera!

Treat yourself right and order these zines today. Are you “so a Phyllis,” an “Eric,” a “Jane,” or a “Molly”?!

pages: 16
dimensions: 5.5” x 8.5”
published: August 2023

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