Zines for powerful, intuitive Bay Area women and the people who live in awe of them.


The Secret Language of Birth Order

Based on the acclaimed and sometimes-remembered book The Secret Language of Relationships, this bold and shockingly well-researched zine describes the most auspicious pairings between oldest, youngests, middles, and onlies. Complete with dating advice and celebrity pairings. The perfect gift.

Printed in three-color riso at Chute Studio in East Oakland.

pages: 8
dimensions: 7” x 8.25”
published: November 2023

Employee Picks: MOVIES

These zines are the “employee picks” section of a video store, in zine form. Four movie freaks—Jane and Molly, plus their parents, Eric and Phyllis—have picked out some choice (yet lesser-known) flicks for you to enjoy, based off their own individual tastes.

Bonus: Jane’s zine contains recommended treat and beverage pairings for each film, Molly’s includes recommended skincare product pairings, Phyllis’s includes American presidents that films remind her of, and Eric pairs each of his picks with an opera!

Treat yourself right and order these zines today. Are you “so a Phyllis,” an “Eric,” a “Jane,” or a “Molly”?!

pages: 16
dimensions: 5.5” x 8.5”
published: August 2023

The Oakland Museum of Nail Art

Two Oakland nail artists, Laurel Maha (@pizzaperfectnails) and Masako Beck (@atomicowl), cover Molly’s tiny fingernails with tributes to famous artists and artworks. For anyone who loves staring at miniatures, going to MoMA, or wondering if gel treatments can damage their nails (they can’t).

pages: 16
dimensions: 4” x 5”
published: August 2023

26 Stories About a Young Phil Jackson

26 Stories About a Young Phil Jackson is an innovative, filthy short story collection and audiobook with memories of an NBA semi-legend during the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Ex-lovers, teammates, rivals and a plumber recount how Jackson stole their ideas and broke their hearts for personal gain. Recommended for basketball fans and haters alike: Anyone haunted by the ghost of a toxic charmer will find something to enjoy.

26 Stories… is written by Molly Rosen Marriner, illustrated by Ivan Kazukov, designed by Zhdan Philippov, edited by Jane Justice Leibrock (text) and Chris Mosson (audio), and voice over’d by a fleet of 26 actors: the book is envisioned so that each page has a QR code to enjoy a recorded reading of each story.

pages: 40
dimensions: 4.25” x 6.87”
published: March 2023

Order options:
- Standard Phil — Just the book
- Eleven Rings Edition — Limited, deluxe edition which comes with a Kazukov sticker pack so you can vandalize photos of the Phils in your own life
- Molly’s Body — Molly’s body of work about…her body, neatly wrapped up in a Live Through This-inspired bow. Includes everything in the Eleven Rings Edition, PLUS Memories of Fat Camp, a zine which explores what two summers at weight loss camp, binge diet and exercise, and late ‘90s culture did (and continue to do) to Molly, featuring loving participation and interviews from her parents, sister, and childhood BFF

You can also listen to all the stories on Apple Podcasts here.

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