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The ultimate indulgence. Treat yourself to a mega-haul of every single Content Queen zine that’s in print, plus a cute sticker—a $68 value!

You’ll get:
- All four issues of our first zine, Content Queen, a whimsical digest satirizing “girlboss” culture
- Both Jane’s and Molly’s issues of Employee Picks: MOVIES, providing you with hours of hand-curated entertainment
- The Oakland Museum of Nail Art, a visual chronicle of how two Bay nail artists have interpreted works of art into custom designs for Molly’s nails over the past several years
- Memories of Fat Camp, an instant classic memoir by Molly Rosen Marriner
- The tiny but mighty As Per My Last DM (2 in. x 3 in.!!), documenting CQ’s failed attempts to provide free freelance brand writing for The Wing
- Goodreads, Badreads, a meditation on Goodreads book ratings
- Who BARTed?, our multi-medium paean to the Bay Area’s iconic public transportation system—700+ copies sold!
- Enter the Menstagram, which makes a time capsule of the inanity that men see in their Instagram feeds and attempts to explain why
- 26 Stories About a Young Phil Jackson, a novella, illustrated audiobook, and straight-up rollercoaster ride about heartbreak, casual midcentury sex, and sometimes even basketball (limited-edition sticker pack included)

(Please note, this photo is out of date so please refer to the list above for what’s included.)

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